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Eneazer Layne

Eneazer Layne

Lady E is the owner of E’s 2 A.C.C.E.S.S., LLC., (Awakened Consciousness Coaching, Empowerment and Speaking Services) Certified Coach, Speaker, Trainer with the John Maxwell Team Certified Neuro-encoding Specialist

Defy Limits

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Eneazer Layne, affectionately known as “Lady E”  is a Woman of Faith and Love with a Passion for people and empowering them. She is a native of Chicago, Illinois, and moved to St, Louis, MO. She has been a source of inspiration to countless young ladies coming into womanhood as well as women of all ages, for over 40 years.

Her ability to empower comes from countless obstacles she has overcome in life which allows her to relate and reach those who are going through the same or similar issues.

She is a champion for women, adding value by challenging mindsets and limiting beliefs, uplifting and encouraging women to Rock Their MOXIE!

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